DJ Contest

TWSTd_DJ_ContestSince 2004 TWSTd organizes with help of the SAE, 3FM, VPRO’s 3voor12, Ableton, and other partners, the by now largest and most well-known DJ and producer contest in the Netherlands.

Our goal is to provide exposure to talent from the underground, i.e. smaller clubs, nights and events in the Netherlands. We do this in order to stimulate innovation in dance-music. The TWSTd DJ Contest stands out because of the valuable feedback you get from professionals in the dance-scene, the gradual enlargement of locations per round and the experience you gain within the contest while competing over multiple rounds. And of course the prizes you can win.

How does it work?

Once you have entered the contest, your demo will be reviewed by the Jury. The Jury will select the first round candidates. No later than one week before the first round you will hear from us if you are selected. Last year, we had more than 500 entries from which 120 DJs were selected for the preliminaries, so this takes some time.

In the TWSTd DJ Contest there are two awards to win, the Jury Award and the Audience Award. After you have been selected for the first round you can collect through our Facebook page likes on your set to influence the audience votes. Why? Because creating your own following is very important for your career. Bookers and promoters are also looking at following and fan-base when they book new artists. For that purpose you can also link your Soundcloud- or Mixcloud set toward the TWSTd-Facebook page. But mind you, the Audience Award is based on the audience vote and totally independent from the Jury Award by our Jury! Our Jury Award is of course what it’s all about.

The Jury decides on who is the winner of each round of the TWSTd DJ Contest, and ultimately who wins the Jury Award. In the preliminaries, you get an hour to show your skills and to qualify for the next round. Contestants can place themselves in the following way for every next round:

• through jury voting (one winner)

• through the voice of the audience (one winner)

And then? After these preliminary rounds all winners, audience and jury, go on to the quarter-finals. The winners of the quarter-finals go on to the semifinals, etc. Ultimate goal is the Grand Final, where the four best candidates of the year compete who will win the TWSTD DJ Contest. All rounds are organized in collaboration with, and in clubs in Amsterdam.

The Jury

The Jury for this edition of the TWSTd DJ Contest consists of:

Kabale und Liebe[DJ/Producer]

Lauhaus [Soweso]

Zoë Xenia [WTTF]

Wouter de Moor [Ovum]

Frank Haag [VBX]

Ferro [VBX]

Camiel Daamen [Paradigm]

Dispar Vulgo (NL)

Reiss [Dialegestai]

KERK! [Disco Dolly]

Michiel Tettero [AIR]

Vanessa Vassallo [Vassallo Bookings]

Wendel Sield [TWSTd]

Niels Klein [TWSTd]


The TWSTd DJ Contest aims at jumpstarting DJ-talent. The contest is monitored by booking agents, promoters and enthusiasts from the scene. Winning the prize can be a big step in establishing your DJ name. On the Talent to Fame page you see some examples of participants who nowadays are established artists. The past editions have shown that winners of the TWSTd DJ Contest are in the spotlight for about six months. In these six months it is up to the winners to prove themselves. These prizes will help with that:

Jury Award:

• In order to break through internationally, it is essential to produce tracks. Therefore the winner receives a course in Electronic Music Production at SAE Amsterdam.

Essential tools are provided by Ableton. They donate a full version of their celebrated LIVE software, LIVE Suite for the winner.

• In the six months after winning the contest you win a number of bookings for large parties and festivals to definitively establish your name.

• A professional Urbanears headphones.

Audience Award:

• In the six months after winning the contest you win a number of bookings for large parties and festivals to definitively establish your name.

• A professional Urbanears headphones.  


Prizes are made available thanks to these partners:

sae-logo-siteSAE is the most well-known education for audio engineers. SAE grants a producerscourse worth €2200,- for the winner of the Jury-prize. Check the SAE website for more info.


ableton The guys at Ableton are sponsoring the winner with a free FULL version of their award-winning software LIVE Suite.  


urbanearsUrbanears donates professional headphones for the winners of the TWSTd DJ contest. Check their site for more info.


nolc avatar facebook customIn cooperation with No Label Collective Amsterdam, a platform for independent labels and booking-agencies, all sets of the winners are recorded and streamed so winners are brought under attention of the participating labels and bookers. The finalists will be offered an opportunity in collaboration with known producers to start producing their own music.


altThe winner of the TWSTd DJ Contest wins a slot for the mainstage of the Free Your Mind Festival in Arnhem! Free Your Mind festival started in 2004 on the grounds on which during the second World War the battle for Arnhem was fought and therefor a place to celebrate (y)our freedom . Check the line-up here .


vlow logo plat customVLOW Minded Productions makes available a gig for the winner of the TWSTd DJ Contest on one of their events. Check their pages here.


altThe winner of the TWSTd DJ Contest wins a gig on the next edition of this intimate festival in central Holland. Check the page here


altGaasper Pleasure is known for the beautiful location in Amsterdam. The winner of the TWSTd DJ Contest will be part of the festival, known for the small-scale and intmate atmoshere. More info here


altMid-August one of the winners of the TWSTd DJ Contest will get a slot on KNUS festival. KNUS organises techno and tech-house events in and around Amsterdam. You can find info here


altKranck is a receipe for dance-music, new talent, Dutch “gezelligheid”, nice people and being together. The winner of the TWSTD DJ Contest receives a gig on a saturday-edition named KranckJorum. Check here


altOne of the winners of the TWSTd DJ Contest wins a performance on an event by Schmeck Pony! Schmeck Pony started in 2009 en organised many events since then, amongst others Pony Park in the Amsterdam harbour. More info you’ll find here! 


altTechno concept Junction became big with their two-monthly clubnights in Sugarfactory, Amsterdam. Junction equals qualitative, deep techno. Residents Kevin Arnemann, himself a TWSTd DJ Contest winner, together with Drum Tone step each editio up to well-known international headliners. The winner of the TWSTd DJ Contest wins a slot on an Junction event. You can find more info here


altThe winner of the TWSTd DJ Contest wins a show at an event by Cartel Amsterdam. Cartel is a co-production of TWSTd Events. Cartel steers clear of so-called ‘beautiful people’ who only go out to be seen. They aim at those who make the sweat run off the ceilings. The musical receipe is a combination of new and established  (international) dj- and livetalents from house and house-related styles.


altThe winner of the TWSTd DJ Contest wins a gig at one of the events by GEM SESSIONS! GEM is an enterprise e founded by the Secret Cinema crew. GEM is a record label, booking agency and they organise events under the same brand. Check their pages for additional info here