TWSTd Producers Masterclasses

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TWSTd organizes a non-profit series of masterclasses with focus on the ins and outs of producing your own music, in collaboration with SAE and Ableton. Classes are on one-to-one basis so there is a lot of personal attention for you to help you achieve your goals. Focus of the masterclasses is on the subjects of techniques, mastering, setup and constructing your music. Training and coaching are taken care of by Microove, Frank Haag, Camiel Daamen, and Eric de Man.  Please check their pages for their resume’s, we think there is no need to elaborate on their impressive track-records in dancemusic. If you have questions or want to subscribe, fill in this form please.

Olivier Weiter

Finalist in the 2009 edition of our TWSTd DJ contest, Olivier Weiter’s sets are always hypnotising and sweaty, leaving the urge to lose yourself almost overpowering. Fed by his audience’s energy, he keeps bewitching them with both rolling drum rhythms and melodic dreamy records. Ask any regular visitor of underground house parties in Amsterdam about Weiter and they will testify… Read more →

Wouter de Moor

TWSTd DJ contest winner Wouter de Moor belongs to the new wave of Dutch DJs and producers. His talent and passion for music brought him from bedroom DJing to a promising career in a matter of only few years. In his late teens, de Moor works in restaurants to finance his turntables and records. All free time is invested in a… Read more →