Cartel Kingsday /27.04.17/ Westerpark

▶ A ROYAL 18 HOUR DANCE MUSIC MARATHON. Starting outdoor from 12.00 till 20.00 at the Klönneplein and then continuing the action non-stop until 06.00 in the morning in the bordering WesterUnie, WesterLiefde & Transformatorhuis. ▶ WHAT TO EXPECT – 18 hours non-stop. Both indoor and outdoor – 20 (inter)national artists – Bad weather = we move the day time… Read more →

Vrijland Festival /05.05.2017/ Blijburg

▶ VRIJLAND FESTIVAL 2017 Het gezelligste en meest gevarieerde voorjaarsfestival van Amsterdam keert op Bevrijdingsdag 2017 terug naar het prachtige stadsstrand van Blijburg aan Zee. Tickets: ————————–————————– ▶ LINE-UP HET TERRAS … Mike Dunn Tom Trago Auntie Flo Byron the Aquarius Mino Abadier Hellie Berry DE ROOIE KLAPPER Function DJ Bone Sandrien JP Enfant Mirella Kroes Lenson PUNA Adje… Read more →

TWSTd Producers Masterclasses

TWSTd organizes a non-profit series of masterclasses with focus on the ins and outs of producing your own music, in collaboration with SAE and Ableton. Classes are on one-to-one basis so there is a lot of personal attention for you to help you achieve your goals. Focus of the masterclasses is on the subjects of techniques, mastering, setup and constructing your music. Training and coaching are… Read more →