Wouter de Moor

wouterdemoorTWSTd DJ contest winner Wouter de Moor belongs to the new wave of Dutch DJs and producers. His talent and passion for music brought him from bedroom DJing to a promising career in a matter of only few years. In his late teens, de Moor works in restaurants to finance his turntables and records. All free time is invested in a singular thing: music. Soon after, the first gig at a club in Amersfoort would come in. One of the turning points in de Moor’s young DJ career happened in May 2004, when he won our TWSTd DJ-contest. This would earn him not only a Sound Engineering course at the prestigious SAE Institute, but also give his DJ career an additional boost. His monthly Technoscope (current Fresh BPM) residency in Amsterdam followed, which allowed him to further his crowd experience, as well as placed him behind the decks next to some key players in the scene. His own list of releases is now growing at a steady pace with tracks on various big imprints. From Amsterdams Bla Bla and Remote Area, to 90 Watts and Paco Osuna’s Spanish Mindshake, label owners are all very pleased to welcome him to their firms. Naturally this has lead to a packed dj-agenda with gigs in Holland, South Korea, China, Spain, UK and Germany. His unstoppable thrive for technical improvement and musical development combined with an open-minded attitude obviously made him a favorite among people who like to dance all over the world. Check also his Pokerflat resume.