Olivier Weiter


Finalist in the 2009 edition of our TWSTd DJ contest, Olivier Weiter’s sets are always hypnotising and sweaty, leaving the urge to lose yourself almost overpowering. Fed by his audience’s energy, he keeps bewitching them with both rolling drum rhythms and melodic dreamy records. Ask any regular visitor of underground house parties in Amsterdam about Weiter and they will testify to this. If they are willing to share their experiences that is..

While deeply rooted in Amsterdam’s obscure underground house scene, Olivier Weiter has grown to become an established name in the broader Dutch nightlife. His own infamous Bar27 and Wunderbar parties have grown from small basement raves to big events, and his uncompromising sets for Cocoon, Time Warp NL, Mystery Land and Sensation have proven that the Weiter show was made for bigger crowds. He is also a more than welcome guest in Berlin, where he has brought his renowned marathon DJ sessions to clubs such as Kater Holzig and Wilde Renate on multiple occasions. Curious to find out what Olivier’s music will bring you next? Keep following his Facebook page for more info.