Are you running into problems organizing your event, or your career? We know that making a living in the dance-community is far from easy. With our knowledge of the industry and years of experience in the scene, we are able to support you on a non-profit basis.


Event support

During preparations before your event, we can help you with legal advice in getting your permits. Or assist with the planning of transport and catering facilities, support you in drawing up safetyplans, advise you on ticketsales, programming, logistics and communications issues. With the help of our specialists you can reduce the risks that something goes wrong. 

Need assistance during your event on logistics, artist handling, or security issues? Whether there are issues with tech-stuff, riders, or your production in general, through our network we can help you out. Some examples of our support you can find here.

Career support

Nowadays we also have built quite a track record on helping out with personal careers in dance-music. In the past decade we assisted many talents on their first steps in their careers, and advised professional cliënts with how to proceed as well. For that purpose we provide indivdual clinics and personal coaching for DJ’s, producers, promoters and organizers by expertcoaches with a proven trackrecord in the scene.

Curious in what we can offer? Drop us a mail here.