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TWSTd Producers Masterclasses

TWSTd organizes a non-profit series of masterclasses with focus on the ins and outs of producing your own music, in collaboration with SAE and Ableton. Classes are on one-to-one basis so there is a lot of personal attention for you to help you achieve your goals. Focus of the masterclasses is on the subjects of techniques, mastering, setup and constructing your music. Training and coaching are… Read more →

ADE Producers Masterclass: Todd Terry & DJ Deeon /21.10.16/ A’DAM Toren

  TWSTd x Vlow Minded Productions x SAE Institute Netherlands present: Exclusive Masterclass with TODD TERRY  and DJ Deeon ! Friday the 21st of October TWSTd, VLOW and SAE Institute will join forces again during Amsterdam Dance Event organizing an exclusive producer masterclass at Gibson on the 10th floor of the A’DAM Toren. With the strong emergence of software programs, it has… Read more →

ADE Producers Masterclass TWSTd x Ableton x VLOW /16.10.15/ Studio K

This Friday, 16th of October, TWSTd will join forces with Ableton and Vlow during the ADE. Together, we organize a Producers Masterclass at the cinema of Studio/K. With the emergence of software programs such as Ableton LIVE, it has become possible for a wide audience to create the most diverse, musical productions. TWSTd and Vlow offer the opportunity to get in touch with software and hardware… Read more →