Category: Talent to Fame

Olivier Weiter

Finalist in the 2009 edition of our TWSTd DJ contest, Olivier Weiter’s sets are always hypnotising and sweaty, leaving the urge to lose yourself almost overpowering. Fed by his audience’s energy, he keeps bewitching them with both rolling drum rhythms and melodic dreamy records. Ask any regular visitor of underground house parties in Amsterdam about Weiter and they will testify… Read more →

Quintin van Honk

Winner of the 2012 edition of our TWSTd DJ contest, Quintin is working hard on his career now. Wonderful is his growth over the past few years. From spinning in small clubs in his hometown Utrecht, he developed an adult sound and already has performed at the bigger clubs through the whole country like: Studio 80, AIR, Melkweg, Westerunie, Poema, Woodstock,… Read more →

Jasper Wolff

Jasper Wolff is one of the most exciting new names in the Dutch techno scene. Wether it’s as a producer, a labelowner, promoter or ‘just’ as a DJ, Jasper seems to be firing on all cylinders. Winner of  the TWSTd DJ Contest 2008, Holland’s most prestigious DJ contest at age 17, Jasper’s life has revolved around music. When Jasper met an… Read more →