About Us

The TWSTd foundation wants to provide a breeding ground for new talent in dancemusic.  TWSTd was started by founding members of the DanceValley festival after deciding that they alienated from their underground roots.

From the beginning TWSTd presented a stage for what nowadays is seen as a ‘new wave’ of Dutch DJ’s : Kabale und Liebe, Lauhaus, Bart Skills, Carlos Valdes, Wouter de Moor, Sandrien, Boris Werner, Olivier Weiter, Stefano Richetta, Daniel Sanchez, amongst many, many others. We focus on collaborations with startups: new clubs, events, promoters and organisations in dancemusic. Why? See our mission.



Our mission

Mission of the TWSTd foundation is to kickstart new talent in dancemusic. Our goal is to help out starting DJs, producers, promoters, organisations, musicians in dance-music. Because these talents have to bring dancemusic further.

Our current activities

TWSTd is motoring dance-related initiatives and dance-events. Most of the times behind the scenes. We organise underground clubnights in conjunction with startup locations, promoters and organisations. Examples are Cartel, Corroboree, and WKND. In addition, we support young event-organisations as VLOWFresh Kids and C.O.B.R.A., and we work together with other non-profit initiatives like No Label Collective, a platform for independent labels and booking-agencies.

With help from our partners SAE (School of Audio Engineering), 3FM, VPRO’s 3voor12 and of course all participants -since 2004 there must be a few thousand of you by now, thank you all ! – we organise the largest and most well-known underground DJ Contest of the low countries to scout innovative talent. And in the field of education, together with Ableton and SAE, we arrange masterclasses and for novice producers in which top-notch producers show you how to produce better tracks with current technology, and we help out with personal support and coaching when you’re stuck.

In all this our goal is, in co-operation with creative minds, to lift dancemusic to (even) higher grounds. So if you are one and have idea’s for improvement, or interest in sponsoring our activities, or enthusiasm to work with us towards this goal, please drop us a mail. Or help us help new talent in dancemusic by donating here.