The TWSTD (=twisted) foundation started in 2002 as a talent-scouting initiative by former founding members of DanceValley. Since then we developed a focus on collaborations with startups in dance-music: smaller clubs, events, promoters, organisations and artists.

Our mission

Mission of the TWSTD foundation is to assist starting DJs, producers, promoters, and organisations to step into dance-business. That is because new talent has to bring dance-music further.

Our current activities

TWSTD is motoring dance-related initiatives. Mostly behind the scenes. Together with startup locations, events, promoters, organisations and artists we back up events. Examples are Cartel and WKND.

With help from partners SAE (School of Audio Engineering), 3FM, VPRO’s 3voor12 we scout talented artists. Together with Ableton and SAE we arrange education on how to produce better tracks with today’s technology.

Our goal is to work together with creative minds to lift dancemusic to even higher grounds. So if you are creative, talented and have great plans in bringing dance music further: please drop us a mail. Or help us help new talent in dancemusic by donating here.